The lab number is: 514 398 8501

The lab office number is: 514 398 2795

Current Lab Members:

Rudolfo for website

Rodolfo Zunino, M.Sc:  A native of Argentina, Rodolfo has been a Research Associate in the lab since 2001.  He has worked on almost all projects, but he focuses on the role of SUMOylation in mitochondrial dynamics and signaling.  Rudi is a senior, valued and trusted leader in the group.



Vanessa Goyon, Ph.D: Vanessa trained in Bordeau studying mitochondrial respiration before joining the lab in 2009 as a post-doctoral fellow.  Now a Research Associate, Vanessa has revolutionized the scope of the lab with her use of animal models to study the role of SUMOylation in cell signaling, cell fate, and of course – mitochondrial function.  There are surprising things coming soon from Vanessa!!


2015-09-02 10.44.43

Mai Nguyen, Ph.D: Mai joined as a Research Associate after an illustrious and successful tenure in the lab of Gordon Shore (McGill).  Originally from Vietnam, Mai has worked on all things mitochondria; from transcriptional pathways to protein import, cell death, cancer, and the development of therapeutics.  She is now focused on uncovering the signalling pathways that couple mitochondrial function to nuclear responses, already making some very exciting new discoveries!  We are thrilled that she has joined us; as she challenges us with new perspectives, and brings her wonderful ability to mentor trainees in a calm, supportive and enthusiastic way!



Karine for website

Karine Doiron, M.Sc: Ph.D student. All the way from New Brunswick, Karine is working on the role of the mitochondrial SUMO E3 ligase MAPL in the regulation of cell fate. Using a knock-out animal model, coupled with biochemical, cell biology, and systems biology approaches, Karine is solving the mysteries of the mitochondrial SUMO proteome.


SEvan for web

Sevan Mattie: Ph.D student. A Montrealer born in Iraq, Sevan is using our cell-free mitochondrial fusion assay to identify new factors and mechanisms critical for fusion in mammalian cells. From core factors to tissue specific regulation of fusion, there are many surprises to come from Sevan’s exciting work!  Sevan also moonlights as a TA for ANAT365 Cellular Trafficking course, so is super well versed in all things intracellular.


andrew for website

Andrew Dixon: M.Sc student. A local Montrealer (fresh from his undergrad!) who is all fired up to study the role of mitochondrial dynamics in complex cell types like oligodendrocytes and liver.  He is initiating collaborations with clinicians and scientists interested in MS, and will certainly make exciting new contributions to the field!


Past Members

Former Post-docs

Ayumu Sugiura, Ph.D  Currently researcher at the Laboratory of Molecular Biochemistry Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences  ayumu(at)

Julien Prudent, Ph.D  Currently Program Leader (PI) MRC Mitochondrial Unit, Cambridge website julien.prudent(at)

Joe Pogson, Ph.D Currently Post-doctoral fellow with Julie St.Pierre, McGill University. Joe.pogson(at)

Tim Shutt, Ph.D Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary.

Alexander Sheftel, Ph.D  Spartan Biosciences, Ottawa.

Abhishek Mohanty, Ph.D Research position in Bangalore, India. abhishek.m.iisc(at)

Vincent Soubannier, Ph.D   Research Associate with Stefano Stefani, Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University. vincent.soubannier(at)

Astrid Schauss, Ph.D  Director of the CECAD Cologne Imaging Facility, facilitating research for scientists within the University of Koln and the Max Planck Institute for Aging, Germany.   aschauss(at)

Sylwia Wasiak, Ph.D Research Scientist at Resverlogix, Calgary, Alberta Canada.   wasiaks(at)

Former Graduate Students

Lerato Magosi, M.Sc (2010-2012) Lecturer at the Botswana International University of Science and Technology.

Emelie Braschi, Ph.D (2006-2010) Medical Student, University of Toronto.

Margaret Neuspiel, Ph.D  (2003-2008) Policy Specialist, Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Zdena Harder, M.Sc. (2001-2004) Early childhood education, Gatineau, Quebec

Sandhya Gangaraju, M.Sc. (2000-2003) Research Technician at National Research Council, Ottawa.

Former Honours/Summer Students

Ruo Ran Wang (2015) NSERC summer student.  Completing B.Sc McGill.

Thomas Schamhart (2011-2014) In Edinborough

Sanjeeva Rajapakse (2012-2014) Honours and NSERC summer student.  Now at UBC Medical School.

Norman Yau (2011-2013) In graduate school at the University of Toronto

Ivan Zvonar (2011-2012) In Medical School in Boston

Former Staff

Liqun Xu, M.Sc, MD, Research Associate. Currently with Bernard Thibeau, Sprott Center for Stem Cell Research, University of Ottawa. Lxu(at)

Sebastien Soubeyrand, Ph.D, Research Associate.  Currently with Ruth McPherson, University of Ottawa Heart Institute.  ssoubeyrand(at)

Patricia Bilodeau, M.Sc. Research Technician

Future Lab Members

Interested in joining the lab?  Send a letter explaining why you are interested in our work, along with your CV and the names of three contact people to provide recommendations to heidi.mcbride(at)