Fission + Fusion Event

Mitochondria labelled with a matrix-yellow fluorescent protein filmed every 2 seconds for about 3 minutes and played back at 7 frames per second. You can follow one mitochondrion dividing (bottom right), with the liberated fragment travelling through the cytosol where it fuses with another, more stationary mitochondrion. This is taken from a cropped region of a single COS7 cell grown in culture. This video (and the one below) were taken on an Olympus IX70 through a 100X objective, equipped with a TillPhotonics monochrometer and camera.


Fission Event

This is a particularly nice video of a mitochondrial fission event. This event took place in a COS7 cell in culture, and was filmed in the same way as the video above.


Late Endosome

Mitochondria labelled in red appear to swarm a late endosome (green). In this cell, the late endosomes have been enlarged to better examine the contacts between these organelles. We do not know what the function of these contacts may be, possibly to extract fatty acids that were internalized into the late endosomes. The mitochondria will break down and burn fatty acids as a source of fuel. This video highlights the dynamic nature of mitochondrial contacts with other cellular organelles.


MAPL Vesicle Buds

This video shows the mitochondrial protein MAPL (mitochondrial anchored protein ligase) becoming enriched along a mitochondrial tubule, and budding off into a vesicular profile. This vesicle will travel and fuse with the peroxisome. This video was taken with an Olympus FV1000 confocal microscope using a 100X objective lens.