“You can’t fix what you don’t understand.”  

We cannot cure illness and disease unless we understand the fundamental principles that govern cellular behaviour.  The mitochondria house thousands of biochemical reactions critical for everything from energy production to the generation of bile, amino acids and lipids.  And yet we know very little of how they behave in the cell, of what motivates them biochemically and physically.  Indeed, with careful observation, it is more and more obvious how little we really know about these essential organelles. Mitochondria fail with age and in disease, making it imperative that we learn how to keep these critical organelles working in top condition!  This is the primary goal of the McBride laboratory.


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New paper in Molecular Cell

See our new paper describing the role of Drp1 SUMOylation by MAPL/MUL1 in stabilizing ER/mitochondrial contacts during cell death.  This stabilization maintains the mitochondria in a constricted state downstream of Bax activation.  These... Read more